One week since the conversion

OK, so it has been one week today since my birthday, since I got my laptop and since I started using Linux, so how has it been?

Well, I started with Mandriva 2007, then uninstalled it and installed Ubuntu 7.04 instead which was much better than Mandriva in a lot of ways.

I started a blog a couple of days later to help others with Ubuntu tips (see my blogroll). And I have customised the whole of Ubuntu to how I like it.

vistaborder.pngI have beryl installed instead of the default metacity, the reason for my installing Beryl was because one of my mates broke my desktop cube somehow, so I got some help from the Ubuntu forums and installed Beryl which I am really pleased with, you can have so many effects and best of all you can have semi transparent window borders. So I installed a Windows Vista window border type theme, it looks better than Windows Vista Aero because it’s got a nice little curve on it.

I have also installed Virtual Box and put Windows XP as a virtual machine, so that I can continue with my programming, I also installed MS Office 2003, so I could do my ICT coursework, Open Office sort of messed it up quite badly. When I start a document though, I do use Open Office. I run Windows XP whenever I need it on one of the four desktops so that I can use Visual Studio 2005. I am looking into writing software in K Develop. If anyone can help me on how I can write Windows and Linux programs in Ubuntu, I will be grateful.

I have installed a whole load of new programs, VLC media player for my music because Amarok didn’t like playing MP3s even when I downloaded the codec for it to play them. I use GAIM as my Instant Messenger, it is much better than MSN. I’ve also installed KolorPaint and K Snapshot, could anyone tell me of a good screencasting software for Linux, I haven’t found a good enough one yet.

I have customised the whole look of Ubuntu to how I want it, I merged the two panels into one and changed the desktop background, added icons to my Documents and Computer folder and added a new icon set.
Here is a screenshot of my desktop:

So am I pleased with Ubuntu
I sure am, I am going to try my best to start to come off Windows, I think it would be better if I eased myself in, rather than went straight for it. But I think that I can honestly say that I will not be ditching Linux any time soon. Role on Linux and please welcome a new member of the Linux community.


~ by simnor on May 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “One week since the conversion”

  1. Well done. Spread the word, share the experience with friends and family.

  2. Good on you my friend! I too have started an aggressive conversion to Ubuntu. I’m very pleased with Ubuntu’s usability and simplicity thus far. keep us posted on your progress.

  3. has anyone hipped you to Automatix yet?

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